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thanks for your great post.
i tried it but it says problem loading page try again.
i tried it many times and the result is the same.
God bless you.

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Dear all,
All programs and software have some of those features which get
mentioned too rarely for what they are worth. Screen layout, audio and
speech feedback for mode changes, customization of all NVDA sound
schemes, the unbound Document Formatting settings shortcuts and the
wide-ranging speech synthesizer support of the NVDA screen reader, the
software package that enables my computer access, are my top 5 picks
for NVDA tips and tricks. Whether you are a novice to NVDA or a
proclaimed screen reading master, learn a few things anew by checking
out my latest Hiking Across Horizons blog post titled ‘Top 5 NVDA Tips
and Tricks You Need To Know’.
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