NVDA/Unresponsive Apps


Would it be possible to set it up so that, if an app stops responding, NVDA doesn't also stop?
Here's an example.
Note: this is not a definitive example, just the one that happened most recently prior to composing this message and is thus fresh in my mind.
I have drives in my computer that go to sleep when they aren't being accessed. If you try to access the drive, any program used to access them stalls until the drive wakes up, and NVDA stalls right along with it. The whole computer isn't stalled, just the foreground app and NVDA. I know this because I can alt tab out of the app and, for example, hit a key to start an audio file playing again. NVDA doesn't wake up again until the stalled app starts moving.
This is probably going to be another one of those situations where nobody else can pin it down, or: I can't duplicate this so you are on your own, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

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