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Some computers let you change this setting somewhere in Windows. Maybe its in the accessibility center.  If that option isn't available, I don't know if there is any alternative to having a sighted person change the BIOS setting.  I suspect that, until this can be done, you could tape down the FN key while the computer is running and untape it before shutting down.  I don't know if it would cause problems to have it taped down during boot up and shut down but I don't see how this would cause a problem during the session.  Ameturish and crude, but sometimes such means are useful.  Even sighted people cover their cameras with tape to prevent spying.

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I was also a bit annoyed to find so many laptops on sale where the function keys are no longer function keys and in order to become them need a custom key labelled fn tobe held down, making some commands almost impossible. Unfortuunately with a lot of these things these days you seem to need a sighted person to fix such things as the only way to do it is in the bios or whatever its called these days Gaming and media playing seem to have hijacked standard keyboard functions.
 In the old days one could alter a text file used at boot up to say things liik
 to change how a machine boots up its a great pity that this functionallity was not brought up to date  on machines so we could change them easily.

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Hi Florian,

If you setup NVDA to use the "Laptop" keyboard layout, it uses different keystrokes which don't expect a number pad.  Some of the other regular keystrokes are different too, such as NVDA+a to read all (instead of NVDA+down arrow) and NVDA+l to read the current line (rather than NVDA+up arrow).  Particularly see the following sections of the User Guide:

The other keys are scattered throughout the User Guide.



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Hi everyone!
Do you know the functions of numpad keys? For example, Numpad5 Speaks
the word of the current navigator object where the review cursor is
situated. Pressing twice spells the word. Pressing three times spells
the word using character descriptions.
However, there is a problem. Some laptops such as laptops for gaming
don't have 2 home keys, 2 end keys and 2 page up and page down keys, or
they don't have a key for toggling the numlock on and off and they can
come with the numlock on as default, without providing the possibility
of its deactivation. What can you do in these situations?
Another question: Do you know the NVDA rotor that can be used with
NVDA+Control+arrows? Well, a member of Romanian community suggested the
adding of these functions to NVDA's rotor. What do you think about that?

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