Re: Unable to install NVDA on Windows Vista laptop

Brian Moore

Hi.  we don't have a lot to go on here.

1.  is user account control turned on?  if so, does it come up?

2.  what anti-virus program do you have?

it maybe be blocking the download or the running of the file.  for example, if you have internet explorer and smart screen filter is on, it will likely prevent the file from opening unless you explicitly allow it.

does the installer come up?

if not, what happens when you try and run the file.

write privately if you want.  btw, on vista, anything less than service pack 2 will give you odd results I suspect.

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On 04/07/2016 9:51 AM, Jessica Finch wrote:

I recently downloaded NVDA and attempted to run the install. The install program did not run. I attempted again but it still did not run. This laptop is running Windows Vista. I have installed other programs from this account.
Any suggestions on what I can do to install NVDA?
Thanks, Paul on behalf of Jessica

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