Re: who knows this problem with skype?

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hitting alt-f4 closes only the Desktop window, not skype itselfs. It is still open in your systray. Find it there, right click it and choose exit, so you don't need to reboot.


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hello, when i accept a call, i press alt page-up, after that i can talk with the other person, but while i'm talking, skype is ringing. after i've spoken i close the call by pressing alt and pagedown.

i hear also the signal that the call is ended.

but skype keeps ringing, if i close skype by pressing alt f4 i'm back on my desktop.

but... skype continues ringing, until i reboot my computer.

that is very, very annoying!

do you see a solution?


paul otter

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This is going to possibly be a silly question, but if its invisible
how do you know if its closed or open?

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Look at this bug report that I've filed with Microsoft about a
similar (if not the same) issue:

Are you by any chance closing this invisible window of Skype? If so -
stop doing it and Skype should behave as expected.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Kostadin Kolev

На 28.6.2017 г. в 13:27, P. Otter написа:

hello all,

i'm using windows 10, the last version and also the newest version
of nvda.

i have checked my computer for virus or other shit but there is'nt any.

i'm using the last version of skype but now ther i have a problem.

when someone calls me, skype geves a signal, as usal, but when i
accept the call, skype don't stops the ring in sound.

so while the call skype keeps ringing.

when i have ended the call, skype keeps ringing and don't stops.

when i want to let skype stop ringing, i have to reboot my computer.

after reboot it is silent again.

until there is a incoming call!

what can i do, and are there other people who knows this problem?

what i have done is uninstall skype and reinstall it again with the
same results.

who can help me?


paul otter


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