Re: NVDA/Unresponsive Apps


I don't recall exactly when this started happening but I think it
started with the previous version of NVDA and continued with the
current version. I was actualy hoping that the new version would have
dealt with the issue but it didn't. I dropped Firefox and started
using Chrome instead and that has seemed to minimize the occurrence of
the such-and-such program is not responding message although it does
it every now and then perhaps just twice a day, but that's definitely
better than ten times a day. I also notice a slow down of nVDA as the
day progresses but restarting NVDA handles that and what I mean by a
slow down is that the speech seems to get laggier to the point where
it's noticeable.


On 6/28/17, nasrin khaksar <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
i did not install any addon.
but laz did you experience this problem in previous versions?
for me the best versions are: 2017.1 and also 2016.1 and previous ones.

On 6/27/17, Chris <chrismedley@...> wrote:
Or maybe its one of the addons you have installed or not installed in

Try disabling them to see if that helps

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