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It appears that the first combo box does an odd thing.  With Chrome, I can open the combo box, write the name of a country in the edit field and press enter.  Then, the combo box says the name of the country I've written.  I'm not sure what happens in Firefox, I didn't try just that procedure when I was testing Firefox.  I didn't play with the second combo box enough to say anything about it.  But the first combo box is seen by Chrome as a combo edit box and for whatever reason, it is completely nonstandard and I assume the second one is as well.  You are placed in an edit field that isn't in the combo box when you open the combo box.  then you type a country, press enter, and you have to find the combo box again because you are nowhere near it. 
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> Do you have a page address people can try?

Yeah, stupid of me. I forgot to put that in.
Go to
Add to cart and go to check out.
In there you will find the two combo boxes I was talking about.

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