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Bhavya shah

Hi Gene,
Congratulations on the press coverage of your official NVDA
accreditation, and am glad to see local mainstream media talking about
assistive technology. Thank you for all the material you compile and
compose for the NVDA community!

On 6/29/17, Sakina <sakina.gable@...> wrote:
Dear Gene,

Read your article and was truly pleased.

Your article sums it all about the help you give us all. Thank you again.

Well done and my heartiest congratulations.

Always with best wishes



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Subject: [nvda] Stratford man becomes New Zealand's expert on international
screen-reading programme |

Hi guys

I had a phone call this morning from a local newspaper who came out to do
interview out of the blue.
It is about the first person in New Zealand getting the NVDA expert
certification. I was a bit surprised, but pretty happy with the article

The article is about the certificate and some other NVDA related articles
and a little bit pointing towards the Accessibility Central website where
people can find more information on NVDA and other blindness related

So, hopefully NVaccess has some more hits coming their way as well as the
word getting out more about NVDA!

Here is a link to the article below.

Gene NZ

Image NVDA
certified expert

Check out my website for NVDA tutorials and other blindness related
at Regardless of where you are in New
Zealand if you are near one of the APNK sites you can use a copy of the
screen reader on one of their computers. To find out which locations (or
location) is near to you please visit (Aotearoa
People's Network Kaharoa). To find an NVDA certified expert near you,
visit the following link The
certification page contains the official list of NVDA certified individuals
from around the world, who have sat and successfully passed the NVDA expert

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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