NVDA and Remote Desktop

Kevin Huber


I have a copy of NVDA here on my home computer and a copy of NVDA on
my office computer.

If I access my office computer from my PC through Remote Desktop, the
copy of NVDA on my Office computer reads as I expect it to, but when I
press insert-t to here the title of the windo, or when I press
insert-q to shut down the copy of NVDA on my office computer, the the
NVDA on my home compyuter responds, for instance, when I am in
Microsoft Word on my office computer, and I press insert-t, my home
computer responds by reading the title of the window where my home
computer has focus.
What can I do to stop this behaviour and make the NVDA on myy home
computer relinquish control of my keyboard?
Kevin Huber

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