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Chris Mullins

Hi Chris
Is it a HP laptop and do any of your f keys work as f keys? Try using
nvdakey+fn+f12 to speak the time. If it works then the laptop is configured
for the action keys to have precedence over the f keys, so you have to use
the fn key to make an f key function as an f key. The action keys perform
functions like volume up/down, mute wireless on/off etc. You can switch
this behaviour around but you have to change a bios setting to do it, so you
may require sighted assistance. My HP laptop is around 5 years old now and
it is what I had to do but some manufacturers have a Windows interface to
the bios but whether HP have done that since I bought mine, I don't know.

Chris .

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I have an issue with screen readers and the F 1 through 12 keys. I have a
new HP computer and I can't use NVDA plus F12 to tell the time. It just
doesn't say anything when I try.
I'd appreciate any help you can give.

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