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I also have an HP since 5 years and I got used to pressing the
function key next to the left control to have the keys at the top act
as function keys. If you want the time you'll need to press

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Hi Chris
Is it a HP laptop and do any of your f keys work as f keys? Try using
nvdakey+fn+f12 to speak the time. If it works then the laptop is
for the action keys to have precedence over the f keys, so you have to use
the fn key to make an f key function as an f key. The action keys perform
functions like volume up/down, mute wireless on/off etc. You can switch
this behaviour around but you have to change a bios setting to do it, so
may require sighted assistance. My HP laptop is around 5 years old now and
it is what I had to do but some manufacturers have a Windows interface to
the bios but whether HP have done that since I bought mine, I don't know.

Chris .
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I have an issue with screen readers and the F 1 through 12 keys. I have a
new HP computer and I can't use NVDA plus F12 to tell the time. It just
doesn't say anything when I try.
I'd appreciate any help you can give.

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