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I wanted to clarify whether you had used earlier versions of NVDA and didn't have this problem.  Your message wasn't clear as to whether you were reporting a new problem with this version or discussing a problem you are having in general.  It appears that you are discussing a problem you are having but it isn't a bug report for this latest version.

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I was a Window Eyes user for over 20 years.  When the writing was on the
wall that WE would be discontinued I started learning NVDA.  I did also
take up VFO on their offer to get Jaws for free but I am currently using
NVDA as my primary screen reader.  So I am not saying there is a problem
with NVDA and conbo boxes I am saying I am still learning and come
accross some things I still don't understand.  I am finding people on
this list very helpful to me as a NVDA newbee.

On 6/29/2017 4:48 PM, Gene wrote:
> Are you saying you haven't had this problem with previous versions? 
> Your comparison to Window-eyes raises the question as to whether you
> have used any previous versions of NVDA.  Also, I don't know if NVDA
> automatically goes into forms mode when you enter a combo box.  If it
> does, perhaps pressing enter when you are already informs mode is doing
> something.  I think it is much better to turn off automatic switching
> between browse mode and forms mode.  That may eliminate such problems. 
> Then you would press enter when on a combo box to go into forms mode and
> then use alt down arrow.  Alt down arrow is a Windows command.  it
> should work in any screen-reader that honors Windows commands.
> Gene
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> I am having some problems with expanding combo boxes using the latest
> Version of NVDA on a Win 10 system.  With Window Eyes when on a combo
> box you pressed enter then expanded it with alt downarrow.
> Thanks

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