Re: Incorrect Information in Excel

Andre Fisher

Turn on reporting cell coordinates in the Document formatting dialog.

You can create an app specific profile for this purpose.


On 6/29/17, Sam Bushman <libertyroundtable@...> wrote:
I have no idea but would try to restart NVDA with adons disabled and see
what that does.
Next, I would have a sighted person if you can see if you are indeed moving
from sell to sell like you think you are. If you have another screen reader
it would be interesting to see what those results are as well.
Hope this helps.

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Sam Bushman <libertyroundtable@...> wrote:
I do the same thing in excel 2016 and it reports a1-b2 etc. just like
it should.

So what could be causing mine not to read correctly. I've not used Excel
since the office 97 days.

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