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David Mehler

Hello Jonathan,

Thank you for your suggestion. The one about logging in locally that's
all i've got, I unfortunately do not have a Microsoft Domain, wish I
did. The machines are all win10 pro.


On 6/30/17, Jonathan Milam <milamj@...> wrote:
Yes that's correct.


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I've read somewhere that W10 Home machines cannot be on the remote end of a
Remote Desktop connection, only W10 Pro, is this the case?


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Hi David,

The key to making this work successfully is that you have to be sure your
computers are all logged in locally. That is, none of them can be in an
active Microsoft remote desktop session. If they are all logged in
then it should work for you. Does that help?


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Can someone do a tutorial/podcast on Nvda and windows remote desktop?
I'm trying to get that going on machines that are connected to my local
network and not having any success.


On 6/30/17, Ralf Kefferpuetz <ralf.kefferpuetz@...> wrote:
Hi Brian,
Windows Remote Desktop connection works great with NVDA. It just needs
a NVDA copy installed on the remote computer. I log into the remote
system via remote desktop, hit control-alt-n and then I can manage the
remote computer.
Windows remote desktop sends the sound back to me, since windows
remote desktop deals with sound redirection as well.
You can switch between the remote desktop and your own desktop by
pressing control-alt-pause and also the clipboard is being transferred
between local and remote computer.

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I'm not really sure what you are trying to achieve. I was under the
impression that remote desktop cannot be used with screenreaders as
the accessibility informatio is not sent down the line, just the
graphics of the other computers screen, which is why nvda remote add
on was designed.

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I have a copy of NVDA here on my home computer and a copy of NVDA on
my office computer.

If I access my office computer from my PC through Remote Desktop, the
copy of NVDA on my Office computer reads as I expect it to, but when
I press insert-t to here the title of the windo, or when I press
insert-q to shut down the copy of NVDA on my office computer, the the
NVDA on my home compyuter responds, for instance, when I am in
Microsoft Word on my office computer, and I press insert-t, my home
computer responds by reading the title of the window where my home
computer has focus.
What can I do to stop this behaviour and make the NVDA on myy home
computer relinquish control of my keyboard?
Kevin Huber

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