Re: Thoughts About New Earcons in Test Branch

David Goldfield

Hi, Bhavya.

Thanks for the link to your blog, which is quite good, by the way. Yes, I'm familiar with substituting the default wav files for ones which might be preferable. I may do that but was just wondering what people felt about the existing earcons being used in the test branch.

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On 6/30/2017 1:09 PM, Bhavya shah wrote:

Hi David,
Not sure about the Sounds Applet in Windows, but customization of NVDA
sounds is certainly possible, although in a slightly hacky and
unofficial (but not unethical or illegal) way. Check out the third
trick which deals with this very task of my recent blog post 'Top 5
NVDA Tips and Tricks You Need To Know' located at

On 6/30/17, David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:
Forgive me if this has already been discussed, as I have just resubscribed
to this list and have been off of it for quite some time.

I had mixed feelings about the new earcons which I noticed in a recent
version in the "next" branch. While I generally like them I think that the
sound going from focus mode back to browse mode is almost too quiet and I
wonder if they should be a tad louder or slightly more pronounced.

I'm also wondering if consideration was ever given to the idea of allowing
users to change the sounds in the sounds applet in Windows itself, just as
you now can with programs like speech recognition and the Window-Eyes screen

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