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Yes I raised this as well. also a person who was hard of hearing said there was not enough lf in the sound for focus mode and it was quiet. also the start and end sounds need to be a little longer as it is hard to decide if they are rising and falling with such a short sound.

I did put up some alternatives derived from the new sounds but nobody in authority commented or has changed them. Perhaps you could make a new issue about it and I'll add my thoughts as well?


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Forgive me if this has already been discussed, as I have just resubscribed to this list and have been off of it for quite some time.

I had mixed feelings about the new earcons which I noticed in a recent version in the "next" branch. While I generally like them I think that the sound going from focus mode back to browse mode is almost too quiet and I wonder if they should be a tad louder or slightly more pronounced.

I'm also wondering if consideration was ever given to the idea of allowing users to change the sounds in the sounds applet in Windows itself, just as you now can with programs like speech recognition and the Window-Eyes screen reader.

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