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Is this not the implementation of UEB though? I never liked the idea of forcing all the caps signs onto all but it seems that the purists feel its how it should be, goodness knows what it does on 8 dot displays. I don't use them , too costly!


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I just found a problem with NVDA and the braille tables. I use FreedomScientific Pac Mate display, and a friend of me uses a display from Taiwan. We all have problems with reading .brf files, where all codes from A to Z are capital letters, and are displayed with dot 7. We tried the 6-dot tables, but in vain. All such things still display as 8-dot. Jaws also has this problem with Louis, but it has an option to turn 8-dot braille off. Could someone please tell me whether I can toggle 8 and 6 dots in NVDA? Or must I manually replace all capital letters to lowercased ones?


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