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Well this reminds me of some family stuff I am involved in.

It involved getting messages with information in it in pdf.

I didn't have pdf support on the ipad but its linked to a pc so I got adobe reader.

The documents wouldn't open, so I looked at it myself.

Whoever sent the stuff should have got their heads shot off.

Unless you had an office suite on your phone or your system supposing an average person would have it, basically several old style word documents and excell files, 2 pdfs and 1 new word document.

Jarte handled the documents, and adobe reader handled the pdfs.

I had to get into another system with win10, and office, loaded a graphical xl file and after it almost crashed print the thing off.

So this does go to show if anything else people may not think I had the same issue with a router and support on an isp I used to be with and a bit of old info.

I have come to the conclusion people don't just check, I swear we are all becoming drones.

On 1/07/2017 11:14 p.m., Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes I had this issue in another email platform with mail newsletters generated by my local thetre and Londoncouncils, both I think used mail Chimp or something. This made all the graphics links have no text or instead have a several line long pointless unhelpful tag.
If you complain at these people you get the sort of reply. I have no idea how this stuff works we just port it over from a pdf file.
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Make sure you have thunderbird set to show simple html, this will
prevent several issues with spammers, but will also allow NVDA to read
things a bit better.

With the full blown html, there are things that NVDA doesn't handle
well, though it's rarely NVDA's fault, it's the html code that folks
haven't a clue how to writ themselves, so they use programs to generate
it for them, and some programs don't do a very good job of generating
html code that is standards compliant.
This may not solve your problem entirely, but it probably will help.

On 6/30/2017 6:23 AM, Justine wrote:
I can no longer get NVDA to read my HTML emails in Thunderbird one
line at a time. This means it is impossible for me to edit parts of
the email. It will only read the email from start to finish. It is a
HTML table with several rows. It won't even read one character at a
time, only the whole table.
May be a very simple answer but I am not a tech genius and cannot find
an answer in the user guide. As I am running a business from home this
issue is causing great frustration. Worked perfectly fine in the past
and fine in plain text emails.
Not sure if issues started with latest update of NVDA as have auto
update on, same with Thunderbird, so all current versions installed.
Using desktop with Windows 10.
Or it may have changed as every so often NVDA crashes and resets to
factory defaults. And will not re install my saved profile as well for
some reason and as so many preferences I cannot remember them all! So
perhaps just needs the right option ticked in settings. But which one?
Please help, thanks

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