Re: Issue reading HTML email in Thunderbird

Roger Stewart

I have disabled table reading mode in Thunderbird and that has fixed many problems for me.  Try this, and be sure to make a configuration specific to Thunderbird before you do this or else table mode will be disabled globally.


On 7/1/2017 6:01 PM, chris miles wrote:
On 30/06/2017 11:23, Justine wrote:
I can no longer get NVDA to read my HTML emails in Thunderbird one line at a time. This means it is impossible for me to edit parts of the email. It will only read the email from start to finish.  It is a HTML table with several rows. It won't even read one character at a time, only the whole table.
May be a very simple answer but I am not a tech genius and cannot find an answer in the user guide. As I am running a business from home this issue is causing great frustration. Worked perfectly fine in the past and fine in plain text emails.
Not sure if issues started with latest update of NVDA as have auto update on, same with Thunderbird, so all current versions installed. Using desktop with Windows 10.
Or it may have changed as every so often NVDA crashes and resets to factory defaults. And will not re install my saved profile as well for some reason and as so many preferences I cannot remember them all! So perhaps just needs the right option ticked in settings.  But which one?
Please help, thanks


I had a similar issue.

I changed the display size of my laptop to 1020 x 760 and now find that NVDA reads the e-mails in TB as soon as I press F6 on the level required.

Press F for next message

B to go back a message

Press N to go to the next level when the message is in a thread.

I hope this may assist you?

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