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When braille is displayed in a text file (load your favorite braille file into notepad or something similar), you'll see that all the letters are capitol. This is the way computer braille is handled, and there's nothing you can do about it. This is also why the braille displays turn on those extra dots to show the capitalization. I don't know why this is the standard, but it has been for several years, (at least since before the year 20000), and I don't expect it to change anytime soon.

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Is this not the implementation of UEB though? I never liked the idea of forcing all the caps signs onto all but it seems that the purists feel its how it should be, goodness knows what it does on 8 dot displays. I don't use them , too costly!

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I just found a problem with NVDA and the braille tables. I use FreedomScientific Pac Mate display, and a friend of me uses a display from Taiwan. We all have problems with reading .brf files, where all codes from A to Z are capital letters, and are displayed with dot 7. We tried the 6-dot tables, but in vain. All such things still display as 8-dot. Jaws also has this problem with Louis, but it has an option to turn 8-dot braille off. Could someone please tell me whether I can toggle 8 and 6 dots in NVDA? Or must I manually replace all capital letters to lowercased ones?


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