Re: say all doesn't work with sapi5 synthesyzer

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Maybe this should be addressed to the dev list as somebody over there probably knows how this feedback loop works, or should work. as a matter of interest if you use keypad plus to read the doc, does it work then? That should not move the position in the file but still reads it. Brian
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Subject: [nvda] say all doesn't work with sapi5 synthesyzer

Hi list,

I am testing one particular Slovak sapi5 voice synthesizer. For some strange reason, the say all doesn't work as expected. Cursor doesn't move so when you stop reading, it will stay at the beginning. This issue also pops up with JAWS. Developers want to know, what needs to be done to fix it. I have no idea. Can someone add a general point, what needs to be done, so NVDa will know where the synthesyzer is and can track the cursor?



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