Re: NVDA not announcing paste or copy when using control-C or control-V

Dan Thompson

I genuinely thank all of you NVDA wizards responding to this thread. Hope I
can find an easy fix. The individuals I work with are age 55 and older.
The simpler the better. So using the control-v or control-c commands would
be much easier. A few of the clients have just recently accepted their
vision is getting to low to read a screen. I cannot express enough my
humble gratitude for all of the work that gone in to this superior
screenreader for reaching this level of accuracy for non print readers.
I've been using it off and on since it first started. Now I am urging the
seniors I work with to use it since the other screen readers cost quite a
bit for their fixed incomes. Thanks for reading this long email.

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I think its not an item unless its been added recently. There is certainly
an add on to do this, but its dumb, ie it does not actually check if its
worked, so just reports keys pressed.
its been a long campaign on mine to get this built in but if I recall the
problem of getting this to only do it when appropriate and though be a
verified cut or copy, was not something trivial to achieve without inside
knowledge of windows code.
I'd be interested in what others say in this thread.
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Hi everyone,

I have not been able to make NVDA consistently announce paste or copy
on the computers I am using in class with students.

My computer does, however, several of the 16 students I work with will
Can someone guide me to the correct area in preferences? I thought
I'd went through everything. But obviously, I am missing something.

Thanks for any guidance in advance.

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