Introducing Enhanced Touch Gestures 17.07 #addonrelease


Hi all,


I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of Enhanced Touch Gestures version 17.07 (aka Project Ailee). Version 17.07 of this touchscreen add-on for NVDA packs tons of new features and changes, some of which are documented below.


The new version can be found at:


Notable additions include:

  • Touch command passthrough: there are times when you need to interact directly with a touchscreen as though NVDA is not running. You can now do so by doing two things: assign a command to a script that turns on touch passthrough (you can find this under Input Gestures dialog), then go to a new dialog named Touch Interaction in NVDA preferences menu and configure “pause NVDA’s touch commands” option between 3 and 10 seconds (default is 5).
  • Touch keyboard and standard versus touch typing: In iOS and certain other platforms, when pressing keys on the touch keyboard, you have an option between touch typing versus standard typing where you perform double tap or lift your finger to press keys, respectively. After installing version 17.07 of Enhanced Touch Gestures, standard typing will be in effect. To change back to touch typing, open Touch Interaction dialog and check “touch typing” checkbox.
  • Due to changes made in NVDA, this add-on will now require NVDA 2017.1 or later.


Known issues: Touch Interaction may appear under NVDA preferences menu on computers with no touch support. I plan to fix this as part of 17.07.1.





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