Re: NVDA not announcing paste or copy when using control-C or control-V

Dejan Ristic

An add-on called Clipspeak may satisfy your wishes.
On 7/5/2017 4:53 PM, Gene wrote:
NVDA doesn't announce copy and paste except when in browse mode.  There is an add on that announces copy and paste, but it doesn't actually announce this because the operations have been performed.  It is equivalent to a key label and only confirms that the correct keys have been pressed.  Therefore, you may hear copy and paste when the operation was not performed. 
For small amounts of text, you can check to see if copying occurred by using the command NVDA key c, which will read small amounts of text on the clipboard.  It's something like up to five hundred characters.  For larger amounts, you will hear an announcement about how many characters were copied but it won't be read.  The feature tells you nothing about what has been copied if you are copying files or folders to the clipboard.  it says, "No text on clipboard."
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA not announcing paste or copy when using control-C or control-V

Hi everyone,

I have not been able to make NVDA consistently announce paste or copy on the computers I am using in class with students.

My computer does, however, several of the 16 students I work with will not. Can someone guide me to the correct area in preferences?  I thought I’d went through everything. But obviously, I am missing something.

Thanks for any guidance in advance.


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