NVDA with Oracle PL SQL Developer

Lucas ROBINETT <robinettl@...>

Longtime NVDA user but brand new to this group, so thanks for having me. I cannot get NVDA to work properly with PL SQL Developer. I consulted Oracle's accessibility page for the app and it states it should be fully accessible provided Java AccessBridge is installed and enabled. I'm on Win 10, have the latest versions of both the 32- and 64-bit JRE installed. jAB appears to be installed correctly and enabled for both versions of the JRE. I followed the directions I found in the message archive for this group for enabling JAB and believe all files are where they should be on the system. Other Java apps are working fine.
In PL, some GUI items are announced but none of the menus nor any of their sub menus are announced. Any ideas?


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