Re: download window google chrome?

Chris Mullins

By "This window thing" I take it you mean the File Save As window which allows you to set the location and filename of your download before either pressing enter on the Save or cancel button. If so, I agree there is an issue here in that after pressing either Save or Cancel buttonin in this dialog, the page from which the download was invoked is reported as being the current window using NVDA+t but it cannot be browsed. After pressing f5 to refresh the page, browsing can resume.

In Chrome there is a setting which will stop this dialog appearing. Load Chrome and Press NVDA followed by spacebar followed by s to load the Settings page. Then press Control+End to go to the bottom of the page where you land on the 'Advanced' button. Press enter to expand the advanced features then use h key a few times to jump down to the 'Downloads' section. Here you will find the default download location for Chrome and a toggle switch entitled 'Ask where to save each file before downloading'. Uncheck this toggle then press Control+f4 to exit settings. Downloads will now just work in the background without presenting the Save As dialog.


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Hi folks.

Every time i download something with chrome, this window thing pops up, and i have to reload the page to see any other stuff i might want to download.

Its driving me nuts.

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