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hi david

I did not know about the alt + x shortcut or did i? that brought up a menu like that. I did do a tutorial written and i think audio on edge up on my website, but can not remember if it was done on the anniversary version of windows or the creators one, but mentioned about the speaking of letters in the location bar..

If you also go to the top of the page with ctrl and home you can then use the shift tab keys to get to the other buttons there and go into the different sections in edge.

Most of it is tabbing or shift tabbing etc to navigate the menus.

The tutorials can be found on the nvda tutorials for other programs page then jump down to the section that says about edge and the mail app which i if i remember right was by you, but would have to check.

the link to that page is

Gene nz

On 7/7/2017 7:46 AM, David Moore wrote:

Hi all!

I am excited to paste this tutorial on using the MS Edge browser with NVDA right here in the message. I strongly welcome all feed back.

I tell you everything I heard as I used the Alt+X command, which gave me a menu a lot like the Chrome menu. I did some simple Object navigation to get to the important Hub button, which opens up a five tab dialog to work with favorites and all.

I used NVDA 2017.2, latest stable update.

I used the creators update of Win10 the latest public build.

I used the latest update of Joseph’s Win10 assentials add on.

I could access about 90 percent of what I can in crome.

This tutorial is very short, but comprehensive.

Here it is right below.

Tutorial for Microsoft Edge

I will write this tutorial using NVDA only. I found NVDA to work much better with Edge than with Narrator.

I am using the Latest stable version of NVDA 2017.2.

I am using the latest public build of Windows 10 Creators update.

If you are using anything different than that, you might get different results.

Step Number One:

Opening the Edge Browser:

Press the Windows key or CTRL+Escape, to open the start area. Next, type Edge and enter when NVDA announces it.

Press enter, and the Edge browser should open.

Step Number Two:

I pressed CTRL+L and entered:

That is the site for Freedom Scientific.

The web site came up very quickly.

I can use all navigation keys for other browsers, and they all work.

Now, I will now press ALT+X to open a menu of choices. One of these choices is settings.

I will now assign a home page to open everytime I launch the Edge browser.

I will make my home page:

Press enter on Settings.

Next, start tabbing, and you will hear:

change my default button, Choose a theme, Next, there is a combo box where you can choose open Edge with a certain page or pages.

This is the choice I will choose in this combo box. I just entered on that choice, and the combo box closed.

Next, there is an edit box where I typed:

My home page is now set.

Tab again, and you can delete that home page, add button where you can enter other home pages, Open new tabs with :

This is another combo box where I choose blank page.

Tab again, and you hear import from another browser. You can import all book marks from all other browsers you use.

Show the favorites bar, mine is not checked. I do not want my favorites to show on the screen for all to see LOL!

Next, choose what to clear button. Pressing enter on this, allows you to choose where you want to clear such as browsing history, and that. You can also choose whether this should be cleared every time you close the Edge browser.

Tab, and I hear my MS email, and it is a link.

Tab, and you hear sinc your favorites and book lists. You can sink all of these across all of your devices.

I am just tabbing through the settings dialog. That is it.

Tab, and you hear sync device settings. Next, you hear advanced settings.

Go ahead and enter on the advanced settings. There is a lot you can customise here.

First, block popups, you can check or uncheck.

Next, I hear Use adobe flash player, and it is checked.

Next, open sites in apps, and it is checked.

Next, choose what sites open in apps. I am not sure what this is all about. It sounds powerfful.

Next, I hear change button, not sure what that is.

Ask me what to do with each download, and that is check for me.

Open proxy settings.

Manage button.

Learn more link.

Offer to save ppasswords, and mine is checked.

Manage passwords button.

Save form entries, and mine is checked.

Do not track requests, and mine is unchecked.

Have cortana assist me in MS Edge, and mine is checked.

Change search  engin button. I entered on that, and a combo box came up, and I chose Google, and I pressed enter. Now, Google is my default search engin instead of bing.

Show site and search suggestions as I type, and mine is unchecked. If you want suggestions as you type, checked this.

Clear bing search history link.

This allows you to do just that.

Optamise web search results using the taskbar for screen readers. Mine is checked.

Cookies combo box, mine is set to do not block.

Let sites save protective media licenses on my device, and mine is checked.

Use page prediction to speed up browsing, and mine is checked.

Help me to protect myself from malicious web sites and downloads using Windows Defender, and mine is checked.

Pin this pain button.

Next, back button.

If you change any of these advanced settings, you can tab to the back button to go back to where you were.

I entered on the back button, and I am back to the settings dialog where I was, when I pressed enter on advanced settings.

We are done with settings, and the advanced settings. You see, just by pressing enter on settings, we were able to simply tab through all of these settings, and press enter on the advanced settings, and customise Edge to your liking, just like you can in other browsers.

Settings was in the menu that comes up by pressing ALT+X. This menu of choices is a lot like the Chrome menu that you get by pressing the Alt key.

There are many choices in that ALT+X menu, that I encourage you to just arrow through, just like the Chrome menu. Important, I have to press Escape twice to get out of the settings or this menu to get back to my Freedom Scientific page that I have opened.

Now, I will use object navigation to show you how to get to the Hub.

The hub button, opens up five tabs. You can just press CTRL+Tab to tab through the choices of each of these five tabs. It is just like a multi page dialog.

Now, I will press CTRL+Home to get to the top of the Freedom Scientific web site that I have opened.

Next, I will press NVDA+Numpad 8, to go up to my parent objects.

I first hear the page I am on. Now, Pressing Numpad 6, takes me to the navigation bar. That is the only object to the right.

So, Now, hold NVDA, and press numpad 4 to go left through the objects.

You hear the page you are on, then, Next, pressing numpad 4, you hear settings and more. That is the exact menu that you get by pressing ALT+X. Pressing NVDA+Enter will open the same menu we were just in.

Important, I have to press NVDA+Enter to activate these buttons, because I am using object navigation to access these controls.

Press numpad 4 again,

I hear Share, then Make a web note, and Now, the important hub.

I will now press NVDA+Enter on this hub button, and I will get this five tab dialog I told you about.

I hear:

Favorites tab, 1 of 5. So here we are in our favorites.

If I tab twice, I can arrow up and down through my favorites. In a web site, just press CTRL+D to save a favorite.

Now, I will press CTRL+TAB to get to the next dialog.

Next, I hear reading list tab. I have nothing here. This is probably for books that you download with Edge from the store.

CTRL+TAB again:

I hear Get Books, sign in, and shop for books in the store! This is exciting.

The 4th tab, is my history. I can delete my history, and look at my history here.

The 5th and last tab, is my downloads tab. Here is where you come to view your downloads, and check on the status of a download in progress.

So, that is it for the HUB button.

I pressed Escape to get out of Hub. We are still in these parent objects. Press NVDA+Numpad 4 again from Hub, I hear Add to favorites or reading list. Very interesting about the reading list.

Next, I hear my Web Address in the Address bar.

Refresh button, back button, Show tab previews button, Still pressing NVDA+Numpad 4.

Now, New tab button, My Freedom Scientific button, and then, Set tabs aside. Lastly, show tabs you have set aside. and that is it.

So, all that I just told you about, I accessed by just pressing CTRL+Home to get to the top of my web page, Pressed NVDA+Numpad 8, then, I kept pressing Numpad 4 with NVDA key held down. The Hub, was just a five tab dialog.

All navigation commands work in Edge, just like in other Browsers. I was able to listen to the FS pod casts by pressing shift+enter on the one below the one I wanted to listen to. To listen to the first, I had to press shift+enter on the second one. That was interesting.

I always press shift+enter to have a link open in a new window, instead of a new tab. The FS casts from Freedom Scientific, played with my Adobe Flash player.

As you can see, you can do quite a bit with Edge, by using the Latest NVDA public version, and just Doing a little bit of object navigation, and the menu that opens by pressing Alt+X.

Please give me your feed back, and how much you hear what I hear when tabbing and the like.

That is all for this tutorial.

David Moore

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