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David Goldfield

I'd like to second Travis's recommendations. For my day-to-day computer tasks, such as reading and answering emails, Web surfing, document composition, etc., I use a standard account with the user account control at its highest setting. When I want to perform computer maintenance, I log onto my admin account. This doesn't guarantee I won't get hit with anything but I try to do all that I can do to minimize the risk.

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On 7/8/2017 11:33 AM, Travis Siegel wrote:

Just for reference, the practices below are the absolute worst thing you can do for your computer.  Setting the uac to not work, then run as admin all the time is just asking for viruses, trojans, and hackers to come on in and basically do whatever they like with your system.  Bad, bad, bad.  Don't do these things.

Every machine should (at minimum) have two accounts, one admin account used for installing software, and one normal everyday account that is a regular user with no admin privs that is used for your day to day computing, because then since there is no admin access, if a box pops up asking you for your admin credentials, and you didn't do anything to envoke said dialog, then you can be pretty sure something is trying to access your machine that shouldn't be doing so.  Most times, simply canceling the admin login dialog at that point will keep your system safe, but at least then you know you need to take a look at your system and see what's going on.

It's extremely bad computing practice to run with admin accounts and UAC turned off, you really should change this as soon as is practical.

On 7/8/2017 9:38 AM, Carlos wrote:

    I am using disk cleanup with the run as admin choice on the context menu.  However, some things just refuse to go away no matter what I do!

    It is as if something locks them and does not let them be removed!

    I am the only one on my PC.  So, I have the user access control set to zero.  And, I keep myself logged in as admin all the time.

    Thank You! For your response!

On 7/8/2017 5:28 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:
When you run disk clean up are you doing so in admin mode as old system files will not be removed unless you are.


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Hello All:

      How can a totally blind person format a hard disk without sighted help?

      I would like to be able to install windows on a freshly formatted drive.

      For some unknown reason when installing a new version of windows it will always leave old junk behind!  And, it does not matter if you use disk cleanup to clean out unwanted leftover files.  When you use any file explorer to look at the root directory you will see that old junk which should have been cleaned is still there!

      Thank You! For all your helpful suggestions!!!

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