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On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 08:34 am, Travis Siegel wrote:
It's extremely bad computing practice to run with admin accounts and UAC turned off, you really should change this as soon as is practical.
Amen, amen, amen!!

However, only when in that precise combination.  With UAC not turned off I am far less worried about running using an account with admin privileges because you still get prompted before anything will actually run with them.  The pop-up is not significantly different than if you have a standard account, but you can either allow or block without having to enter an admin username and password.

I have been running under an admin account on every Windows machine I use for decades now because I have need to install/uninstall software and do other tweaks far too frequently to be bothered with getting the full "enter username and password" prompt for admin tasks under a standard account.

If you routinely follow even half of the recommendations of quietman7 in his treatise, Best practices for safe computing, and you keep UAC on at default levels the likelihood of getting an infection is very, very, very low.

The above being said, if you are not a user who makes frequent changes to your system it is best practice to have one account with admin privileges used only when you need them and a standard account for your day-to-day computing.  There are just some folks for whom this might not be a good fit - I'm one of them.
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