Re: My Favorite NVDA add ons and Why!

Andre Fisher

Why do you refuse to use the add-on? I am just asking for
observational purposes.

On 7/8/17, nasrin khaksar <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
how can i find repeate and shuffle mode in vlc playback without using
i need these features, but could not find them in the playback menu.

On 7/9/17, Melissa Jean <Melissa.J.Hammitt@...> wrote:
Hi David, thanks so much for putting this list together. I was able to
grab a few addons I didn't know about.
There was one addon that I wasn't able to find. do you have a link to
the addon Say Product Name and Version ? For some reason I wasn't able
to find it myself.
My allergies are making my brain stupid....

On 7/7/17, David Moore <jesusloves1966@...> wrote:
Hi Pascal and all!
NVDA add on Number 7 is:
Say Product Name and Version; Status: running; Version: 1.0.2012060901;
Author: Patrick ZAJDA <patrick@...> 8 of 17
For some reason, the name of that add on did not get pasted under Number
Pascal, you are so welcome. I personally use all of these add ons all of
time with NVDA. I encourage you to find these add ons and try them all
They greatly enhance the NVDA experience, and they allow you to do so
more. Let me know if you can find them, and how they work for you!
I wanted to give these awesome NVDA add on developers some input
why I like using these add ons so much. I put the same email on the NVDA
ons group.
Have a great one, Pascal!
David Moore
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From: Pascal Lambert
Sent: Friday, July 7, 2017 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] My Favorite NVDA add ons and Why!

Hi David,
Thank you for providing the list of addons. I would have never taken
time to look for them. Computer is not my priority as I only use it for
what I need.

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Sent: Friday, July 7, 2017 6:31 PM
Subject: [nvda] My Favorite NVDA add ons and Why!

Hi all,
I use NVDA 30 percent more, because of these add ons.
Here are my favorite add ons, and I explain why!
Here is the list!
NVDA add ons I love the most and why.
I want to share with all of you, which add ons really impress me the
and the ones I am getting the most use out of by using them.
Number One:
Clip Contents Designer; Status: running; Version: 3.5; Author: Noelia
Martínez <nrm1977@...>
I very often want to copy some material, and append more material to the
clipboard. I do this a lot to edit and create tutorials.
I love this add on, and it helps me a lot. Thank you!
Number two:
Clipspeak; Status: running; Version: 1.0; Author: Damien Sykes-Lindley
<damien@...> 2 of 17
It gives me such peace of mind to hear what I have on the clip board,
I paste it somewhere. Thank you!
Number three:
Enhanced Aria; Status: running; Version: 1.3-dev; Author: Jose Manuel
Delicado <jmdaweb@...>
I can now use two great TV web sites to stream movies and TV shows,
this add on lets me access the ARIA That I need to enjoy these streaming
sites. Thank you!
Number four:
Golden Cursor moves the mouse with the keyboard; Status: running;
1.0-dev; Author: Salah Atair <atair1978@...>, Wafeeq Taher 5 of
I want all to know how much I use this add on. Here is an example.
My wife will move the mouse pointer to a place that I cannot find. I can
then press a command to hear what pixel position the mouse pointer is
can save that pixel position, and my wife never has to put the mouse
there again. I just press a command, and it brings up all saved mouse
pointer positions that I have saved. I label my saved pixel positions,
fast forward in Groove, for example. I can open the list of saved pixel
positions, and arrow to that Groove button, and press enter, and the
mouse pointer goes right there.
Sometimes, you cannot get the mouse pointer to route to where the review
cursor is located, and with one time of sighted assistance, you can save
pixel position where the sighted person put the mouse pointer, and you
go back there yourself from then on. Thank you very much, and I pray you
keep developing and supporting this add on!
Number five:
Lambda math editor addon; Status: running; Version: 1.1.8-dev; Author:
Alberto Zanella <lapostadialberto@...> 6 of 17
This add on, has allowed me to tutor highr math concepts on my on line
tutoring business to sighted people.
I am getting access to more hier math topics, and I can use this add on
read the other person's work when they send it back to me. Thank you!
Number six:
Place markers; Status: running; Version: 8.1-dev; Author: Noelia
<nrm1977@...>, Chris <llajta2012@...> 7 of 17
This add on has saved me so much time every day. Many times a day, I put
place marker somewhere that I will return to later. This is the place
feature in JAWS. Thank you! This saves me a lot of time.
Number Seven
I absolutely love this add on. Many times, I am in a program when I want
here the version of the application. I really missed doing thiswith
Now, I can use this feature with NVDA. Thank you!
Number Eight:
Speak Passwords; Status: running; Version: 1.0; Author: Tyler Spivey
<tspivey@...> 10 of 17
This is priceless. I love being to hear the characters I type in instead
hearing * for every character. Thank you!
Number Nine:
Speech history review and copying; Status: running; Version: 2017.05.13;
Author: [u'Tyler Spivey', u'James Scholes'] 11 of 17
I love this add on. I am using it as I type this article. I down arrow
through my add ons, and I just press F12 to paste what NVDA said to the
board. Again, this is the speach history in JAWS. These add ons are
us to use NVDA and get these JAWS features. Thank you!
Number Ten:
Insert Symbols; Status: running; Version: 1.0; Author: Erion
<rob.mail@...> 12 of 17
I can insert hundreds of symbols in a document, Facebook post, or email,
that I never had to choose from with JAWS. There are so many symbols
you can choose from, I have not heard of many of them. I absolutely love
this add on! Thank you!
Number Eleven:
Virtual Review; Status: running; Version: 2.2; Author: Rui Batista
<ruiandrebatista@...> and NVDA Addon Team 13 of 17
This add on, speeds up tasks that I often do. It is not object
but I can get access to text and more on the screen so quickly with this
on! Thank you!
VLC Media Player; Status: running; Version: 1.2; Author: Javi Dominguez
<fjavids@...> 14 of 17
I love using VLC Media Player. This add on, allows me to tab and hear
of the controls on the screen, and I have access to the repeat and
toggles. Thank you!
Weather Plus; Status: running; Version: 4.4 15.06.2017; Author: Adriano
Barbieri <adrianobarb@...>. 15 of 17
I really love this weather add on. I use it constantly. My wife asks me
about the weather. and I simply press NVDA+Shift+W and get the forcast.
I like most, is that it is copied to the clipboard, and I can paste the
entire forecast into a text document like Note Pad.
I love this add on, because I have many cities that I can find out the
weather in. Thank you so much!
Number Twelve
Windows 10 App Essentials; Status: running; Version: 20170705-dev;
Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>, Derek Riemer
<driemer.riemer@...> and others
Thank you Joseph! I have used this add on to get much more accessibility
universal apps, the start area, settings app, and other places. This add
has allowed me to use many of the win10 universal apps for a long time!
Thank you!
Number Thirteen:
Windows 10 Calculator; Status: running; Version: 1.0; Author: Joseph Lee
<joseph.lee22590@...> 17 of 17
I use the Windows 10 calculator all of the time. I do scientific
calculations with it many times a day. This add on has really helped me
lot. Thank You!
This is it!
The summary, is that many features of JAWS are in these add ons. NVDA is
much more powerful with these add ons, and I appreciate all of your time
work to make these add ons, and do all that you do for the NVDA
now use NVDA 90 percent of the time, because of these add ons. They have
really made a difference, and I want you all to know!
David Moore
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