Re: Good News!!!

Tony Ballou


Gene's a good mate. Interesting that this would come up. One of my
clients has a system that I'm working on with the very same problem;
however, I'm not sure of the procedures to remove the old files, and
recover and preserve those that are useful.

I want to make sure I don't damage any of the necessary files that run
the current setup.


On 7/9/2017 8:31 AM, Carlos wrote:
Hello All!

Thanks to our very good and knowledgeable friend Gene NZ! I was
able to get rid of the family of windows.old directories which had
taken over my hard drive!

We all on this list owe a great deal of gratitude to Gene NZ for
all the knowledge he is always sharing here on the list!

Thank You! All for all of your great suggestions and advice!!!

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