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I assume from a conversation with J Jonathan Mozen that Amazons service is not yet there isn New zealand, at least not with the AD they have launched in the UK
I think in the UK the ch4 web site and bbc I player have AD, Both seem to love changing their websites at the drop of a hat making it hard to get to grips with the techniques needed and now all the streaming sites and many others seem to need registration and log in as well every time you use them.

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I am in new zealand and use net flix and is accessible with nvda.

There is a written and audio tutorial if i remember right on using it and how to enable the audio description for us.

it is worth the money for me as we do not have any other online streaming services that do audio description here in new zealand.

There may be other places in the world that do I used to use one in the UK but can not think what it is called maybe like bbc i player.

have a look under the nvda tutorials for other programs page for the tutorial on my website i am putting together. it can be jumped down quickly by headings.

the link to this page is

Gene nz

On 7/10/2017 12:27 AM, Don H wrote:
Are there any of the free or pay for Vidio streaming services that work well with NVDA?


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