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While I generally agree I have a couple of comments here. Often if you do have to share these things make sure you have a back up system to be able to sort things out. it has been my experience that rather than any malicious intent, helpful people can screw things up by just being helpful, or find somebody like I have with the memory of a goldfish.. Not to trivialise this in any way, the advice is sound most of the time.
Also I wondered about these doc files. Do they insist on properly formatted doc files with headers and all of that as many seem unable to make these or only accept them in docx format etc.

The problem is that many pieces of auto conversion software use header and their levels to break up content for things like Daisy etc, so its as well to try to use these conventions if you can rather than just using font size changes or bold characters.

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well being.
First of all, before you do anything, if you have an editor, don't give that editor access to your account. Smashwords has publisher accounts, and those publishers can easily handle the process form beginning to end for any authors they provide services for. You should never ever have to give your own account credentials to anyone else. I've helped two others publish things on smashwords, and not once did I have to have access to their accounts, and neither should your editor.
Secondly, the most difficult part of publishing on smashwords is the formatting. They really prefer a word document with all formatting in tact. You upload the doc file, and smashwords reformats and produces all the other formats you desire from that source document. Again, no need for anyone to have access to your account to do that, you can do the uploading yourself, the site is plenty accessible enough for that.
Please please please folks, think about security, never ever give your passwords or access to your accounts to anyone, there's always work arounds folks can use to get things done on your behalf. If you absolutely must have someone log into your account, then you do the logging in, then pass off the keyboard to said individual to allow them to do whatever it is they need to do, while you monitor their activity. If they don't like that process, then find someone else to assist you, nobody should know your password except for you, I don't care if it's a login on a lego server, or something that contains your life story, nobody needs the password except you, and nobody else should have to log in as you to do anything without your being involved in the process. If you absolutely must give your password to some one for some unfathomable reason, then as soon as that person logs out, the first thing you should do is to change the password and keep the new one private. It's way to easy to have frined/helper turn hostile/malicious at the drop of a hat, and you truly don't want them to have access to your things when that happens.
I've seen that kind of thing way too often to take my security on any site too lightly, and you shouldn't either.

On 7/9/2017 7:04 PM, David Russell wrote:
Hello NVDA Group,

First, I would like to request that if any NVDA members have published
on Smashwords, would you please respond to my message off group
sending to my email?

My address is in the signature.

I am having sighted help to publish an anthology on Smashwords in
early September. This has been advised by those familiar with the
publishing process and screen reading software.

Since the editor will be using my account to publish the anthology, as
I am the sole author, are there issues that people who are blind and
publish with concerns like Smashwords should request from that entity

Is it wise to let them know you are sight impaired and publishing a
work using your own help to do so?

Thank you for your time and input. It is appreciated!

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