Re: Reading footnotes in LibreOffice with NVDA


hello again/
is there any version of microsoft completely freeware?
i have many issues regarding accessibility of libreoffice specially in
version 5.3.
for me who only use screen review for inaccessible and dialogs in the
program, nvda says all of one message in the dialog like one combine
word, unclear and impossible to understand.
could you please someone help me?

On 7/10/17, Sylvie Duchateau <sduchateau@...> wrote:
Hello Brian and all,

Coming back to the original question, I use MS Office 2013.

But as I had to edit the document, I did not want to do it in MS word
because I experienced that formatting is sometimes lost.

Thank you anyway.



Le 07/07/2017 à 23:14, Brian Vogel a écrit :


If I may ask, what version of MS Office are you using? Since
at least Office 2010 MS-Word is able to open and save in ODT format.
If you've got a recent version of Office you should be able to edit
and save ODT files in their native ODT format without using Libre
Office at all.
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