Re: vlc nvda add on commands


hi gene.
could you please send me the link documentation for using vlc?
i searched and loked for tutorial in there website, but unfortunately
could not find anything.

On 7/10/17, Tony Ballou <cyberpro224@...> wrote:
Hey Gene,

Absolutely bro! Your talking gospel! It sure would make sense. It felt
like I was having to be my own language translator when I first started
using the program back in the day. I may have a list of the keyboard
shortcuts for the VLC media player around here somewhere. If so I'll put
them up.


On 7/9/2017 3:50 PM, Gene wrote:
There are no commands specifically for the ad on. the add on announces
things that occurred before but without speech so you didn't know that
anything was happening or if you did, you had to memorize or guess what.
After the add on is installed open VLC player and tab. You will tab through
lots of items. To change the state of an item, press enter on it. The
space bar doesn't do anything. Letters that are short cut commands take
actions which are announced. I don't think the commands you can control by
short cut commands are in addition to those you can perform by tabbing. I
think they are some of the same commands. I don't know how many are
provided. If you get a list of short cuts for VLC Player, you can try
various letter shortcuts. One of them, for example, is shuffle on and off.
The letter r controls this command. In the list of short cuts, this is
described as random. Wouldn't it be nice if VLC player documentation used
the English language as we know it? The generally accepted name for the
command is not random, but shuffle.

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Where have you looked?

On 7/9/17, Tony Ballou
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There's a tutorial on using the VLC Media player add on at the following

Hope this helps.


On 7/9/2017 1:53 PM, The Wolf wrote:
Hello where in the vlc add on do you go to find the list of commands
and how to use the add on? when looking I can't seem to find any info
on how to use the add on


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