NVDA and Smashwords Thanks

David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...>

Hello Members,

I would like to thank each of you who responded to my question about
using NVDA, or sighted help to publish on concerns like Smashwords. It
is probably of benefit you posted to the list rather than email me. I
would like to especially thank Mr. Travis Seigel for his cautionary
words. Yes, I probably could utilize editorial freelance help to
publish my title. I do have en editor who will format the anthology
for me once all the internal issues are satisfied.

To review, Are you suggesting just so I understand the process: The
Editor emails me formatted version; I then select a freelance editor
to publish the anthology on Smashwords and send them the document?
Once they have published this, I receive acknowledgement and pay the
tab for their services? The book remains published with me as author?
The formats for the EBook are decided befor publishing.

Alternatively, the only way for my editor to publish the book is for
them to have their own Smashwords account, correct?

Thank you again. I want this to go as smooth as possible.

David Russell

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