Re: Serious bug found in Thunderbird

Mr. Wong Chi Wai <>

I thought you would probably pressed some of the shotcut keys of thunderbird.
In thunderbird, you cannot press nvda keys like k to link etc.
For example some keys may trigger delete the mail; some mark as junk mail etc

nasrin khaksar 於 8/4/2016 10:54 寫道:

which version of thunderbird do you use? and also did you face this
problem in its previous versions?

On 4/8/16, Roger Stewart <paganus2@...> wrote:
I was just reading a long email message in Thunderbird when it received
a new message. It had to announce this to me and disrupted the reading
of the message I was reading. This is just annoying, but the real bug
is that Thunderbird auto-deleted the message I was reading! It just
went poof, and is permanently gone off my computer. Guess anyone using
Thunderbird should immediately disable the auto checking for new
messages while the program is running.


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