Re: trying to read a google book with NVDA and firefox but am not having much luck


Hmmm I have not brought a book for ages.
However there should be a buy button or something somewhere on the page or a buy link.
If you have not brought a book before you will be taken to the wallet where you need to associated a paypal or creditcard but after that you click a pay button, then pay, then you download the book from the page it brings up or from your library.

On 8/04/2016 4:15 p.m., Stephen wrote:
Hi Sean.
Are you able to tell me how to find the link to buy the book? After I
log in to my google account, which link do I click on? I find the web
site very confusing.
At 02:01 PM 4/8/2016, you wrote:
Well you need to buy the book then you should download adobe digital
addition and download the adx file.
after that you run this file in digital additions, go to the documents
folder and find the resulting epub file.
Then use codex from to convert it to something
readable and or remove the drm.
You will also need an updated calibre engin to handle the conversion.
Over that thats all you need.

On 8/04/2016 3:57 p.m., Stephen wrote:
I am trying to read a google book, but am not having much luck.
Do I have to buy the book from google play before I can read it, or can
I read it for free?
Here is the link in case anyone else wants to give it a try.


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