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Yeah sadly any scanned document is like this or any images that are converted are still images.
Or in fact in some cases documents constructed without access and which are all images are well not going to work.
Another thing I have noticed is that anything made with something like pagemaker will have issues with the broot force converters but not all of them.
Technically a pdf is an standard html with some modifications.
I don't care for pdfs as such and thank god they actually are not a problem for me but it depends what they are.
I know a lot of hardware and software manuals especially computer and printer camera and most hardware uses pdfs.
I know enginiering documents my brother uses are pdfs and I know my dad uses a lot of pdfs.
For me I actually prefur something if I am going to read it in either a daisy file or a marked up html document.

On 8/04/2016 9:33 p.m., Clare Page wrote:
I've been sent plenty of .pdf files where NVDA says the file is either blank or needs OCR. This isn't a fault of the .pdf reader, such a message is usually caused by the fact that the contents of the .pdf are an image rather than text. Interesting that such a file showed up as text readable by Voiceover on an iPad: I can't explain that!
However, as regards a solution to the problem of such blank-looking .pdf files on Windows, I use Omnipage, the OCR program I have here, to make the text in such files accessible, even though this usually means having two copies of the file, because the text version is in another format, usually Word in my case.
I'm not familiar with other OCR programs on Windows, but I would guess that at least some of them have a similar function, where image files in .pdf containing text can be converted to formats like .rtf or .doc which are more accessible.
I hope this helps!
Bye for now!
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I have try both pdf reader dc and Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro both failed

Aravind R 於 8/4/2016 15:19 寫道:

On 4/8/16, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:
if you are shure that your pdf books is not Ocr and its usual
document which is changed to document, you can also try balabolka.
its free and can read many document formats.
you can download it from its original website.


thanks for asking and god bless you.

On 4/8/16, Mr. Wong Chi Wai, William <> wrote:
I got a pdf file, when I open with Adobe pdf reader DC on my windows
7, it said it is blank or require OCR.
However, when I send the pdf to my Ipad via dropbox and ope the pdf
with dropbox, the screen reader there can read all those text
content, as if it is totally accessible.
I am not sure how to fix this issue. Cause I need to extract some of
the information from the pdf.....
Do I open it with alternative pdf reader? any recommendations? or
any other advice?

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