MS Office 365


Hello All:
I asked the question to a fellow list member in private about how accessible MS Office 365 was/is with NVDA?
After having received a one line not very helpful answer to my question. I am now going to ask all members of the NVDA mailing list the same question of how accessible is Office 365 with NVDA?
I have decided to subscribe to Office 365 since at times the various Open Office variants seem not to always work correctly and crash far too many times for my liking!
I hope that other list members will be more generous with their comments/suggestions!
This list has always been known for having kind and very helpful members! One bad apple can at times spoil it for everyone else!
Thank You! In advance for all your good/kind suggestions!!!

Carlos Gonzalez - Los Angeles, CA. - gmjc341961@...

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