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It sounds as though the mouse is being moved to the line that NVDA is speaking.  We don't know what programs that is being done in.  If that is what is being done, I don't know why unknown is heard.  If that's all that happens, and if things work as expected, while you may want to report it as you did here, it sounds like a minor annoyance that, unless more information is given, doesn't affect performance.  Is that correct?

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I think we would need to know what program is involved and what the context
of it is etc.

I think unknown seems to happen when nvda really has no idea of what its
supposed to be doing.

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I dictate to my iPhone here so please excuse if it gets garbled.

When I get my pointer on a line as I have a bit of vision to see the line I
often get the word"Unknown". Is this a problem with the pointer or is there
some other way to overcome this problem?

Thank you very much indeed.


P. S. Where is "I. Oh."?


Pat  Sent from my iPhone

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