Re: Microsoft Store not accessible for KNFB purchase

Jacques <lists4js@...>

When I purchased the app when it initially was on special, I recall the last prompt for the Microsoft account password not being reported by NVDA. I eventually fired up Narrator, which cleared up the mystery. So, yes, there is an issue, at least with NVDA, but not Narrator. I have unfortunately not tried another screen reader on the MS store to compare behaviour for that screen.

On 11/07/2017 17:19, Cearbhall O'Meadhra wrote:
Has anyone been able to access the Microsoft Store to purchase the KNFB app currently on special offer? I bought the app today but could not do so until I had sighted assistance because NVDA could not speak the Microsoft Store screen. I was able to set up the purchase and complete my payment information using NVDA. When I then opened the Store to complete the purchase, I could not take any action. My sighted helper was able to prompt me as I tabbed down to each of the buttons to confirm the various parts of the sale but NVDA was forced to remain silent.
As soon as the purchase was completed, I was returned to the marketing web page where everything was accessible.
I intend reporting this to Microsoft but I would like to know that other people are having the same trouble. If not, what did you do to overcome the problem?
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