Re: Speech delay in NVDA 2017.2


Hi all.
One of my friends had this problem a few months ago on a lenovo laptop.
The problem with the enhancements tab is the fact that on some laptops it doesn't appear.
This was the case with my friend's laptop so eventually I think he had to go back to the previous update if I understood right.
I don't know if there is another way to disable enhancements from the command prompt or with another method.
But I agree when the option is there it works.

On 14 July 2017 at 11:18, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't know if you've gotten to the part of the thread where turning off enhancements was recommended.  Considering the spotty record of the disability service, that they cause new problems for many people they help whether they solve the original problem or not and they recommend and do things that are not going to solve the problem and may cause completely unnecessary problems such as uninstalling Office, which should not be done because it breaks accessibility working properly in NVDA, it is a much better idea, unless not possible, to ask about a problem here first.  The list should not be the last resort.  You often get better help on good lists than from places like the disability service or computer shops. 
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For me it just seems to be NVDA when used with anything. I've not tried Narrator, but JAWS is fine.

And coincidentally I am also running it on a Lenovo Ideapad  510.

Last evening I had a Microsoft support session and the technician recommended returning to Win 10 Anniversary edition. That turned out to not be as easy as it could have been as I didn't have a restore point. Contemplating a full on reload of Win10, but concerned how much of my setup that will trash.

You could try running the compatibility troubleshooter on NVDA. For me it didn't make any difference.

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