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Well with the case of dvdvideo soft and maybe others they include all licence aggreements in one instead of a seperate one, like they are supposed to.

The opencandy terms of service are actually quite fair.

You are supposed to be able to agree or not at licence.

And the licence stipulates that it will not! interfier with any program installs.

Sadly dvdvideosoft and maybe others have bundled all licence in one evil lump so you agree or not and I am unsure what recourse a user has in this reguard.

Opencandy is not bad per say its just a library, however all the extra hubs, addons, tune up utilities and a bunch of other things can take a computer and make it totally unusable.

While I finally did get rid of it all, I didn't know how bad off I was till after I did a full reformat this year.

Which shows that bits still hung over which can only be fixed by a reformat.

The dvdvideosoftware is not as good as it once was.

I do have applian software but its not as accessible as I'd like and I hardly use it. has saved my bacon a bunch of times but thats only going to last as long as it stays up.

Youtube dl-g is fine but its not good for playlists and there is another program pontes media using the same engine.

Its why I in the end brought goldwave because of its cd reader functionality.

I am just happy that 7zip audacity etc do not come bundled with unwanted programs.

Though I don't see why we are worrying about ransomware, microsoft seems to do a good job about getting us involved in their almost malware like schemes yet we grumble and continue.

Then again it depends on the services, google itself could be malware all its chrome, goolbars, etc, all the data of ours it gathers and sells, but then on the other side, we get pritty much the entire service list minus google translate and even that for a small price if you need it for basically nothing no cash.

Your privacy for basically a pritty much free service from maps to an os to phones to a way of life is not bad.

Then again google has always remained visible with their software.

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Opencandy can be controlled though, its only an issue if you do not spot it at install time.
I don't think its meant to be a pain but tends to be to us as some of the installers don't work correctly with screenreaders.
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If you mean youtube dl it doesn't I have it and the youtube dl-g and it works.

For youtube to mp3 or other dvdvideosoft software thats full of opencandy and other malware.

On 14/07/2017 6:02 a.m., Bobby wrote:
Hay I listened to the pod cast on the free youtube down loader. I was wondering if the program installs any malware or add ware. Pleese let me know before I install it.

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