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Jason White

I use ABBYY FineReader 12 Pro at work, and I can confirm that it can be used effectively with a screen reader. It also recognizes the structure of a document, including headings, lists and footnotes.

The latest version is FineReader 14. If anyone has had experience with it under NVDA or another screen reader, I would be interested in a report of your findings. So far as I am aware, the main alternative is OmniPage, now owned by Nuance. I don't know how accessible it is, so I can't comment here except to note it.

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I have the iOS version also. My comments about it would be exactly the same as what I said about the Windows app. Character recognition is good and fast, but it is not usable for material where layout is important.
For a quick and dirty it is fine or if layout is not important. I would not recommend it for scanning books that you want to keep. I use Abbyy FineReader on my desktop for that.

I think the app is way over-priced at its full price of around $100. I only bought it at its much reduced price and knowing what I know now, I certainly would not pay more than that. If you have $100 to spend, get FineReader; it does a far superior job for the same money and is perfectly accessible.

On the Smartphone KNFB is probably the best option, but I think it, too, is over-priced given its limitations.

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How does it match to the same software on a smart phone. I have lots
of friends that tell me its wonderful.
Maybe its a problem when using a scanner instead of a camera?
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I have KNFB which I use with a flatbed HP scanner.

Character recognition is good and fast, but one thing about the app
that really disappointed me, is that it does not retain the layout of
the text you scan; It simply dumps everything in one continuous
paragraph. So, if you want it to scan books that you would like to
keep, or if the layout is important, then I think you will waste your
money. I can only hope that this is an area that will receive some
attention in a future release. In its present form it is really only
good for a quick and dirty.

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On 2017/07/12 12:14 AM, Josh Kennedy wrote:

I would buy knfb, but what is a good document camera to use with
knfb reader? scanners are big and bulky and a camera would be faster
for scanning books and stuff. I also have knfb on my android phone.

and does it work good with NVDA?

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