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Yes what extras will a newer version of resource monitor to realistic xp installations though? I suspect not much as many are running on core duo laptops or older single core desktops like most of the ones I look after.

I know that there are discussions about xp, but it does seem to me that there are still a lot of these about.I myself do not really care too much as they are not in areas where new functionality is needed.
I have none of the other operating systems here. Talking to NHS folk, the only reason they are not upgrading those machines now is because they are the only ones that support medical hardware at present, and I suspect this is probably the case elsewhere. However I don't think I'm going to scrap mine as long as they keep going, and those people I know with xp are not using them in critical task areas.

Windows 7, though is still my operating system of choice. Having tried 10 it is still really irritating in many areas, to the least because it cannot really run with a portable version of nvda without lots of the functionality of UIA, which 7 does not rely on as much, and that is only accessible with installed versions.


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Subject: [nvda] Important announcement on add-on compatibility: Resource Monitor, Windows 10 App Essentials, Enhanced Touch Gestures and others and old Windows releases

Dear NVDA community,

It was brought to my attention that Resource Monitor 17.07 doesn't work on
Windows XP. Investigation showed that I have used a newer psutil package
that dropped support for XP. After gathering feedback from users, it was
decided to part ways with Windows XP sooner than later. Also, I think this
is a good opportunity to announce compatibility notices for other add-ons as
well in relation to supporting old Windows releases.


* Resource Monitor: support for Windows XP will end on December 31,
2017, with version 17.10 being the most likely EOL candidate. Windows Server
2003 and Windows Vista will be supported until June 30, 2018.
* Windows 10 App Essentials: version 17.09.x will be the last releases
to support NVDA versions prior to 2017.3. Version 17.10 and later will
require NVDA 2017.3 running on Windows 10 Version 1607 (build 14393) and
later due to changes introduced in 2017.3 in regards to certain Windows 10
controls and events.
* Enhanced Touch Gestures: starting from version 17.09, the add-on
will refuse to install on computers or tablets running Windows earlier than
Windows 8.x. From 2018 onwards, Windows 8.1 or 10 will be required due to
support policy on Windows 8.0 from Microsoft.
* StationPlaylist Studio: there will be a 15.x LTS release in the fall
that'll be the last one to support Studio versions earlier than 5.10. I will
not remove support for Windows XP from this add-on until up to one year
after Studio itself stops supporting XP or when support for the next LTS
series ends, whichever happens earlier (the next LTS series is scheduled for
2018 at the earliest). So if you are managing radio stations from Windows
XP, it might be best to either use version 15.x LTS, the next LTS series, or
upgrade to at least Windows 7.
* GoldWave: I will not drop support for Windows XP until number of
people who are using GoldWave 5 on XP is small enough (less than say, five
people). Once this happens, the add-on will require Windows 7 and later with
GoldWave 5 or 6 installed.
* ObjPad and Object location Tones: these add-ons will drop support
for XP once NVDA itself drops support for it.

As for add-ons from other authors, it is up to them as to when they will
stop supporting Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and/or Windows Vista. But
once NV Access decides to move to Python 3, that's when the end game for
Windows XP support will begin.

Thank you.



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