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Jim Noseworthy


I am the JAWS support person for Online Bible but I have a client who wishes to use NVDA. It just doesn’t work with NVDA.





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I've been working with online Bible a lot in the past, however that was back when I was using JAWS. Is there a particular reason why you belief you're in need of an add-on?


On 19-7-2017 21:01, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Bible Seeker from the below address is very good with NVDA.  The site has over a dozen bible translations and the search is accessible.  They say the latest version is 2.03 from 2017. I don't know why that is.  I have 2.03 from 2015.  I would assume it's the same program.  The size for download is the same.



On 7/19/2017 2:23 PM, Jim Noseworthy wrote:

Hi Gang:


Is there an NVDA add-on for the Online Bible?  If not, can anyone recommend a good off-line Bible that would work with NVDA?


Thanks all over the place gang.



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