Re: Magnifiers and NVDA

John Hedges

Interesting. Why would a client need ZoomText and NVDA? The new merger of ZoomText with Jaws makes the command sets different. I am low vision and use Microsoft Magnifier and NVDA with a combination of mouse and cursor controls for review by speech, while using some vision. Magnifier has some new features that make it more helpful in Windows 10 latest version.


It really depends on how little or how fast the vision will become low functioning. Learning the new ZoomText with speech would be helpful for little vision and job settings where complex software is used.




From: Bill Sallander
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 2:16 PM
Subject: [nvda] Magnifiers and NVDA


Hello all:

I’m a new assistive technology instructor here at the Center For The Visually Impaired in Daytona Beach Florida.

I have a client who may benefit from both a Screen reader such as NVDA as well as a magnifier such as Zoomtext.

Is there a possibility that such a magnifier can be used in conjunction with NVDA? If so, where can I find any documentation for such a setup?

I believe at some time in the future the client may need to depend on a screen reader only; I’m just exploring all avenues at this time.



William Sallander, Assistive Technology Instructor

Center For The Visually Impaired

(386)253-8879, Ext. 109



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