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That may be in terms of how people work with web pages.  But I'm not sure what your second comment is saying.  It may be that some people who have seen before may be better able to picture what they are doing when using a mouse but I'm not sure if that is what you are saying and I think its better to try to teach efficient keyboard navigation first to see how well people do with it.  I don't look on imitating or accomodating to the sighted organization of web pages to be a good general measure of whether a technique is a good one. Being blind means that for accomplishing some tasks, techniques that have no relation to a sighted users techniques will be far more efficient.   

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         You would do well to understand that you are an outlier on the high end of the bell curve of efficient screen reader use and skill set (and this is not a bad thing).  But that is what you are, and your skills are not necessarily transferable to all other screen reader users.  We've had this discussion before, as I try to teach a lot of the things you advocate but there are a lot of folks who just can't or won't (and I'd say it's more often the latter) absorb them, particularly if they're not something that they need to use on a routine basis.

          There is, as the old saying goes (and BTW, I love cats, so I don't do this) "more than one way to skin a cat."  For some people the keyboard will be their one and only chosen technique and they'll get really, really efficient with it.   Others stay in pretty much "brute force tabbing" mode long after they've been taught how to avoid it and have even demonstrated that they can avoid it, they simply choose not to.

           That latter group is far better served, when circumstances permit, by using mouse tracing to their advantage.

           The other thing I can say is, that as someone who sees and scans pages visually, what can (not always is, but can) be accomplished via disciplined use of mouse tracking comes much closer to imitating that process, which is what the medium is designed for, than the hierarchical method imposed by keyboard use of screen readers, no matter how skillfully used from the keyboard.
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