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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,


I agree with you here. If a blind person can learn to navigate by using keyboard commands, then he or she should be able to get a job done more quickly and efficiently. For example, I sometimes listen to a station called the legend. I know where the listen link is so I just do the find command and type "listen" in the edit box and hit enter. I frankly don't see what the purpose is for learning to use a physical mouse when you can do mouse equivilents using the keyboard. After all, we're not sighted.




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I don't know how efficient a mouse, used by a blind person, is in that circumstance.  But I question your assertion that it is more efficient than looking at the site skillfully using the keyboard.  You don't have to lookk at those top links.  One of the most important skilss for blind people to use the Internet skillfully is to skip them using headings or using the skip blocks of links command.  Also, if you have an idea what you are looking for, you can use find to search for a word you think would be likely or very likely to be on a page that deals with what you are looking for.  On pages I've never looked at before, I often am interested in the text below the links that are shown at the top.  I've seen blind people and read comments by blind people who waste enormous amounts of time tabbing through links or using the links list when techniques such as I've mentioned would be far better to use.  I haven't used a physical mouse but from my years of experience using the keyboard to navigate web pages I'm skeptical that its as or more efficient to use a mouse to find content or get an overview of the page.  then, too, there is the ability to skim by moving by paragraph on the main text of a page and reading the first or part of the first sentence of any paragraph desired.



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Well, I'll disagree that it's pointless for someone who's totally blind to use the mouse with NVDA (or their finger on a laptop or all-in-one touch screen) to get a "quick and dirty" idea of what's on a given screen, particularly a webpage.

I've used that concept with a number of my clients who are trying to do web research and need to make quick decisions about whether a given webpage is something they need to dig in to further or can just chuck and move along to the next thing.  You can very often get a very good idea, and very quickly, about what's on a page using mouse navigation that's far more tedious to accomplish by looking at, say, the list of links on a page, of which there are always scads more "junk links" than content links and that a screen reader has to present, but that are strategically placed on a screen, usually at the very top margin or very bottom
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